Located at the intersection of Main Street, Columbia Avenue and Fifth Avenues, this Park contains pavers inscribed with the names of Williamson County veterans who served in conflicts from the Revolutionary War through the Gulf Wars. Currently no pavers honor the more than 300 enslaved men from Williamson County who went to serve in the Civil War as soldiers in the US Army and Navy or as laborers for the Confederate Army. This project operates to rectify that omission.

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Franklin's US Colored Troops (USCT)

In Tennessee about 24,000 men served in the US Colored Troops. Many were recruited from among the ranks of men conscripted in 1862 and 1863 to build the fortifications around Middle Tennessee including Fort Negley in Nashville and Fort Granger in Franklin.

US Navy

By the end of the Civil War nearly 18,000 African American men and 11 women had served in the US Navy. Thirteen of these men were born in Williamson County and enlisted in the Navy during the War.

Body Servants

During the Civil War, many Confederate soldiers took enslaved men with them to serve as cooks, servants, valets, horse grooms, carpenters, blacksmiths, teamsters and to work in other capacities. Some were conscripted in large scales to build fortifications and roads and to provide other services for the army throughout the South as well.